Q1. Can anyone Join the club?
A1. Yes, we welcome anyone who is interested in camping, 4wdriving and making some new friends.

Q2. Where are the club Meetings?
A2. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the “Baulkham Hills Sports Club” located at 11 Renown Rd Baulkham Hills.

Q3. How often do you run trips?
A3. As often as we can! We try and organise 2 trips a month during summer and usually once a month during winter.

Q4. Do I have to be a member to attend a club trip?
4. No, We suggest you come along and get to know us first. Send an enquiry via the Contact Us page and let us know if you would like to come along to a trip.

Q5. Is there anything I have to do before I attend a club trip?
A5. We require all drivers to have completed our basic induction course – This can be emailed to you by our Secretary. This is so everyone is aware of our convoy, CB radio, camping and vehicle recovery procedures.

Q6. Why do I have to do the club induction course?
A6. It’s important that everyone follows the same protocol so we can ensure our trips run as smoothly and safely as possible.

Q7. What are my vehicle requirements for the tracks?
A7. Each trip is graded according to the track difficulty. We do all types of Tracks from a Green Circle which is easy and suitable for all 4wd’s through to Double Black Diamond where your vehicle is required to have certain features. Have a look at the Track Classifications (below) to see what trips your vehicle is suitable for.

Q8. Does the club offer any training?
A8. Crossed up 4×4 Club aims to have training days throughout the year.

Q9. What are the track Classifications?
A9. Crossed up 4wd Club use the Track Classifications guide put out by the NSW & ACT 4wd Association.

Q10. Do you have a privacy policy?
A10. Yes. It can be viewed here.